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Join us as we enjoy a good workout. All levels of play,from beginner to expert, are welcome to play. Use the online form to sign up and get on our mailing list of times, locations, and weather related updates.
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October 23rd--The LMC operations committee met and went through our draft user agreement. While numerous wording changes are suggested, no substantive issues were identified. Once their revised draft is received, it will be posted on this website for everyone to see. Additional Board Members are still needed and we have reached 23% of our financial goal. It will be early next calendar year before the LMC will entertain the proposal and user agreement, providing time to organize and finalize funding for this effort.
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Many Port Ludlow residents enjoy the game of Pickleball. If you’re looking for aerobics and anaerobic exercise, light competition, and camaraderie, Pickleball is one good answer… and it’s easy to learn. Given the somewhat mature age of most of our residents, the game is particularly responsive to our interests physically, but it is played around the world by people.

In Pt. Ludlow, the game is typically played here in Doubles (two players per side of a court), and we’re generally gender-neutral, in that we’ll play with anybody, if we can get a game together. The community has a couple of community courts, as well as a number of private courts. We have one loosely organized group for “pick-up” play that emails game notices, typically Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at the South Bay Tennis Courts (three Pickleball courts) on the western side of Deer Hollow Road, just south of the Golf Club.
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