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In addition to our headliner Freddy Pink on Saturday evening, we have Soul Siren ( performing from 8:00 to 10:00 pm. on Friday Night.  Join us as we welcome them to the community.

Some of the other groups performing during the festival include Yesango Marimba (, Dukes of Dabob, Delta Rays, Captain Fever, Hawaiian flavor with the Na Hula O Kauhale No Nahele Kai dancers and Ranger and the Re-Arrangers.

Local performers include the Choral Bells, Port Ludlow Barbershop, and the Port Ludlow Sounders.

Please join us as we celebrate this wonderful community and festival. Here is the tentative entertainment schedule:


July 27   Friday    3:30-4:00  Choral Bells

                           4:00-4:30  Port Ludlow Singers

                            4:30-5:00  Port Ludlow Sounders

                            6:30-7:30  Kimberly Lynn-Solo Bassist (lead in for Soul Siren)

                    Main attraction

                             8:00-10:00  Soul Siren   (David Carson)


July 28  Sat.           11:00-12:00  Yesango   (Marimba band-Yesango

                             12:00-1:00    The Dance Within (a local dance group from Poulsbo)

                               1:00-2:30     Dukes of Dabob

                                3:00-5:00    Delta Rays

                                5:30-7:00    Captain Fever

                    Main attraction

                                8:00-10:00  Freddy Pink


July 29  Sun             11:00-12:00  Naki'l  Music

                               12:00- 1:00   Na Hula O Kauhale No Nahele Kai  (dancers)

                                1:30-2:30     Ranger and the ReArrangers

                                3:00-4:00     Ranger and the ReArrangers

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